I've paper engineered, designed and written more than one hundred packaging, POP, print, OOH, experiential and digital pieces for NFL Sunday Ticket. In fact my pitches routinely stole accounts worth millions from large ad agencies. Take the Bar and Restaurant Merch Kit samples seen above, which were devised to help bar and restaurant owners score new biz on game days. Deutsch lost NFL Sunday Ticket's pricy print account thanks to my "Endless Tunnel" vision. 

That said, few realize what conceptual challenges accompany fast-paced, mass-market retail assignments which need to accommodate an infinite array of formats. By example, DIRECTV maintains seasonal contracts with select NFL stars and can therefore arrange simple scrim shoots with the former, however certain players and jersey numbers may be off limits. And whereas Getty might feature a handful of pro-athletes from just the right angles in just the right poses, other scenarios typically required complex compositing on tight royalty free budgets. Not what one would expect from a client worth $61 billion.

Similarly, after execs killed Grey NY's Deion Sanders/Manning creative for ESPN and Sports Illustrated magazines, I was allotted 48-hours to best the agency's efforts, whose creative teams had been concepting for months. My pitch not only snatched the biz, DIRECTV exponentially increased our budget to “get it right” plus introduced a season tickets giveaway. The (TV spot-coordinating) fairies were hand-wound 40x then gummy-sealed into inserts. When the cards are opened, the toys whizzzz into flight up to ten feet away. | RECOGNITION FOR BOTH CAMPAIGNS: Promax Sports Media Marketing Awards (Silver)