Gourmet Magazine

I spent a summer sampling Thanksgiving turkeys and other sundries at Gourmet, after winning SVA's most competitive $16,000 design scholarship. Fun facts about 4 Times Square? A) The average mag staffer used to gain at least 10 taste-testing pounds per year. B) Whomever selected the mag's primary typeface failed to notice its unattractive uppercase "Q". Editors used to avoid opening paragraphs with cat tails lest a dropcap mar a page. C) When asked to design a 15-page feature celebrating the nation’s top restaurants, I delivered a designed and copy edited file to the powers that be. Why? Well, I’d been told a provided Word .doc was “final and approved." But after noticing a restaurant description contained the wrong cuisine and that another displayed a faulty area code, I voluntarily fact checked every last detail. (Gourmet no longer exists in print form, but remains alive and well online.)