Helenbeck Gallery

My heart holds a soft spot for old school taggers (all hail friend Dave Chino!). Ergo behold the results of a spectacular assignment which was <insert rant> unfortunately conducted by a jaw droppingly unprepared (“Dear iCube. 150k 72dpi files are not print-appropriate. You have a mere 2 hours to get high-res files to me before we’re set to go on press. What was that? You didn’t request permission from the artists nor agents to feature these?!”), bizarrely dishonest (I gave up attempting to collect the remaining 50% of my already way-lower-than-usual fee, but am 200% convinced I would have won a small claims trial), unusually demanding set of French-Fried clients heralding "the largest exhibition of American and European street art from 1970 to today."  </rant>

Whole in the Wall was an otherwise fabulous, internationally-acclaimed, month-long endeavor that commanded 25,000 square feet on two floors in Chelsea. | ARTISTS: Banksy, Blade, Blek le Rat, Crash, Daze, Ikon, Jonone, Nunca, Platéus, Quik, Lee Quiñones, Rammellzee, Sharp, Sozyone, Henry Chalfant, Martha CooperJamel Shabazz, Silvio Magaglio, Victor Ash | RECOGNITION: BBC UK, The New York Times, Time Out, Animal and more