Outdoor Life Network

Outdoor Life Network (OLN) was an adrenaline junkie's paradise — a sports and outdoor enthusiasts premium network known for the Tour de France and Louis Vuitton Cup, which later relaunched as Versus c/o NBC Sports. While a full-time staffer at Amster Yard my team rebranded OLN, as seen within many of the B2B and B2C components on this page. Before universal branding was introduced, cheaply produced, nth-hour one-offs were the norm. One luxurious exception? My Louis Vuitton Cup nautical port & starboard martini shakers. The silver-plated Asprey reproductions were accompanied by invitations for an all expenses paid trip to New Zealand to attend that year's luxury yachting competition. I also created oodles of ads for cyclists, snow sport devotees and OLN's signature realty show, "Global Extreme: Mt. Everest." | CUSTOM TYPEFACE: Rugged Slab/Sans