This pro bono campaign for Parents Families and Friends of Lesbians Gays encouraged those with LGBT loved ones to seek out emotional support, by introducing straight celebrities who happen to have LGBT family members. Ben Affleck posed for all of five minutes on the set of Gigli, Cyndi Lauper's 20-minute session took place backstage at a Cher concert, and former democratic presidential candidate Dick Gephardt masqueraded to the warblings of Eminem and Chicago underneath a nest of bikes in the family's home garage. Later campaign role models included Cristina (+ brother Ignacio), Rosario Dawson (+ Uncle Frank) and Barbara Cook (+ son Adam). Different volunteer photographers covered each shoot, therefore scrims were used to integrate style disparities. Print and OOH were supplemented with truck sides and subway buys. | NOTE: Production values declined after I shifted agencies. I did not design PFLAG’s “Stay Close” website nor direct retouching efforts beyond the campaign's first three ads. Wish I'd been around to continue to meticulously assist! | RECOGNITION: Commercial Closet Images in Advertising Awards + too many viral shout-outs to count