Samsung TVs & fridges | microsites

"Grand Spaces" was conceived by a digital agency's print partner. The tag unfortunately lacked a concept beyond the commodious nature of the Samsung S fridge, making it difficult to match existing creative. When asked to spin "Grand Spaces" into a microsite, I transformed the experience into a Chronicles of Narnia wardrobe-channeling fantasy realm, filled with by travel destinations, their architectural marvels and cuisines. Product info was complimented by local lore + practical product demos. Fridge-affixed postcards served as entry portals. The site was previously hosted at

The second playground let visitors "imagine a Samsung in every room" by building their own rooms. After selecting a dweller (hipster, pet, superhers, wrestler, "you", yuppie and more), primary locale (bedroom, kitchen, living room), furnishings (cabinets, carpeting, chairs, consoles, lamps, sofas, side tables, wall clocks), accessories (globe, ice bucket, stuffed animal, taxidermy, trophy, vase, wall art + desktop uploads), wall color/type and a Samsung television, rooms could be saved to photo galleries, social media pinged or e-mailed. Matching widgets complimented business partners like Design Within Reach and CB2, who provided our furnishings imagery at no cost.